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Our story follows Talia Morgenstern as she's thrust into a world of secret organizations in a war to control ancient artifacts.  These artifacts are activated by people possessing particular DNA attributes calling themselves Heirs.

Buried in forgotten rubble outside Gaza lays a weapon, one of many, from a time mankind cannot remember. A lost past covered by the sand of myth and legend. Talia defends her home with the IDF, Israeli Defense Force. She has dedicated her life to protecting Israel from a conflict that too often turns toward the innocent.

Her unit discovers a foreign military in unfamiliar uniforms digging in the desert: they are devastated by the chance meeting with the agents of the Russian Orthodox Artifact Regency or ROAR. The agents, Gavril and Vitoria, utilize technology that has rarely ever been seen, murdering the unprepared soldiers.

Talia along with two others, Jacob Kaufman and Eli Harel, are thrust into a world of secret societies and individuals waging a war over ancient artifacts that can be activated into dangerous weaponry. The origin of these artifacts is debated through theology, science, and spiritualism; all claiming their belief is the correct one.

Talia finds that she is among the descendants of those who are able to activate this ancient technology. She is among a population of Heirs, once seen as demigods, prophets, and angels in generations past. She and the survivors of her unit are given the opportunity to seek justice as members of the IHA, the International Heir Alliance, an organization made up of differing ideologies, religions, and beliefs with the sole purpose of seeking out relics and keeping them out of nefarious hands.

Talia, her friends, and an enigmatic spy named Cohen, combat ROAR and its war for supremacy while being hunted by the two deadliest Heirs they have at their disposal. As tensions grow between the IHA and ROAR, a host of other organizations and individuals with their own intentions complicate the work Talia and the IHA are trying to accomplish.

The secrets of the past will be uncovered leaving the world in a tumult; both Heir and human blood will spill in an effort to find the truth and the gods of old will walk again.

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