Marvel Premiere #22 (.30 cover)

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Cover pencils by Gil Kane. Death Is a Ninja, script by Tony Isabella, pencils by Arvell Jones, inks by Aubrey Bradford; The Ninja transports Iron Fist to a mystic dimension where they can battle to the death in peace; He regales Danny with his origin story, his ties to K'un-Lun and how he was trapped in the Sacred Volume of Kali for many years; Iron Fist destroys the Ninja and returns to Earth to find the police mopping up the Kara-Kai death cult; Danny is cleared of Harold Meachum's death but feels lost as his vengeance against his parents' murderer is complete and he cannot return home to K'un-Lun for nine more years; 1st appearance of Master Khan. Letter to the editor from comics writer Ralph Macchio. 36 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25.

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