Captain Marvel #19

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Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Dan Adkins. "The Mad Master of the Murder Maze!", script by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane (plot), pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Dan Adkins; Having survived the blast that killed Yon-Rogg, Rick Jones awakens and switches to Captain Marvel so that Mar-Vell can take them the distance to New York City; There, Rick begins looking for a job and a place to live; After countless reject, Rick is offered a job and residence in the high tech building called Minos Towers; Minos Towers is run by famous a pathologist made popular by testing the psychology of rats, and has offered employment and cheap lodging for those who wish to work with him; However, Rick and Mar-Vell soon learn that Webb is using the tenants of Minos Towers as part of his next psychological experiment. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.15.

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